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Darealwordsound has been busy these past few months. From Touring with L I F E and Sashquatch Josh from Eugene, OR all the way to Winters, CA to Rocking Silicon Valley Con not only as the DJ for Geek Fashion Show, but also as Guest Emcee with Baba Brinkman and Neuro Scientist Dr. Heather Berlin. We also can't forget when Billy Boyd (from Lord of the Rings) came  out after his set and gave our Rap Nerd high praise for his Rap Skills. Also, Darealwordsound, got mentioned in CBS Radio Podcast "User Friendly Live From Silicon Valley Con" which streams to about 6.5 million listeners across the US. Also, Darealwordsound dropped a single with Spanish Poet Bea Pazo called "Todo Fue Un Sue" which can be heard by clicking here. This is his first international collaboration along with co produce DJ 0N1. 

All this amazing stuff has been happening all while Darealwordsound is working with youth across the Bay Area with Today's Future Sound. Recently Kaotica Eye Ball (A sound proofing Microphone Company) has been reposting pictures of our Rap Nerd working with youth. The support and positive feed back about Darealworudsound, have been truly humbling for our Rap Nerd. 

Darealwordsound is getting ready to attack more festival's this month, but as he is touring, he is helping push other Nerdcore artist within the Bay Area. Darealwordsound knows the struggles of trying to perform as a Nerdcore Artist and trying to establish credibility within the scene. Many think it's just a joke, some assume that he will be vulgar with his lyrics, other's, sadly, come up with negative stereotypes based upon the color of his skin. But despite all the hurdles, Darealwordsound keeps pushing forward with a smile on his face and a microphone in his hand. Uniting and connenting with fellow nerds and artist who support him and the movement of "hardcore nerdcore" and acceptance for all.

Darealwordsound will be performing at Bar Con 5 with The Shogunate as well as First Fest Sacramento with Sparks Across Darkness as their new DJ. He will also be returning to Intergalatic Expo on May 21st and performing at Fanime Con hosting an official Nerdcore Cypher and Fanime Con Nerdcore After Party. Find out more on Darealwordsound's tour stops by clicking here. If you go to a show, make sure to take pictures and video and #RapNerd so we can repost you. We want to make the Bay Area and Northern California area that Nerdcore is here and is not a Joke. 

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We are still processing and editing all the photoage and video we have taken from him performing on tour, at the Cherry Blossom Festival in San Francsisco as well as at Silicon Valley Con. We thank you for your patiences.