News Article

Darealwordsound has been quiet this past month, catching up on editing tour footage, producing side projects, and finally enjoying some gaming time and JoJo reading. The Final Vlog is coming soon and the albums you all have been waiting for are on the way.

However, in the mean time; Darealwordsound is coming out of Hibernation to rock with y'all this Autumn for a few shows. Also, TACOS EP (The Amazing Color of Sound) is now available for download. How much for TACOS? $1!! Yep, no where else will you get TACOS for a $1. You can get the album now by going to Music and hitting purchase. 

Next stop for Darealwordsound is SNAFU CON this weekend. Make sure you come see him and grab a "LVL UP TOUR 2" Poster while supplies last. Once they are gone, they are gone!