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Darealwordsound just finished the #RapNerdTourDLC. Breaking into Texas and making some friends in Arizona, our Rap Nerd prepares for the $LVLUPTOUR2 kicking off in July. But in the mean time, Darealwordsound wants you to stop and make sure you vote for Senator Sanders.

Darealwordsound is a Nerd, an Emcee, and an Artist. He stands for equality and justice for all people from all different backgrounds. He does not believe in building a wall nor does he stand for candiates who pander for votes. That is why Darealwordsound is voting for Bernie Sanders. Not only is he voting for Bernie Sanders, but he also wrote a verse for The Philharmonik on his new song "Mr. Sanders". Calling for everyone to come together and continue to push for change. You can see the music video by clicking  here or downloading the single for free on Soundcloud by clicking here. Please share this song with your friends and family.

Darealwordsound has a few shows this month and don't forget, June 15th is his birthday. Let's get our Rap Nerd up to 2k Likes on Facebook and Instagram! Add him @Darealwordsound. Also pick up some cool merch at the store! It is open so order now!