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You have probably been wondering where our Funky Nerdy Rapper has been? Well, he is still working on March Madness 3 and touring this month. Darealwordsound recently did a show for Sacramento Area Youth Speaks to help raise money for Sac Youth, accompanied by King and Mr. Perfect. He is getting ready to hit the road again this week and will be performing at Big Wow Comic Fest this year on Sunday the 19th. Yep, the first convention of the new year! Also, you will be able to find him in San Francisco the night before at Suga Mama's Cafe performing. Darealwordsound will be coming back to Reno April 24th-25th. The location and time are being finallized as we speak. Make sure your following him on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Don't forget to sign up on the email list. The work never stops!