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The Art of Madness

Hello again,

It is that time again for March Madness!!! I cannot believe that people have been talking about the first two projects for so long and are excited about this one. I will be honest, creating this mix tape with you all is one of the most fun projects I get to do. Seeing what you guys want me to rap about, shows me that people do enjoy nerdy rap and creative writing. The hard part about this project is the short period of time to create, mix, master, and distrbute to you all. I only have less then 40 days to finish as many songs as I can, plus I even allowed you guys to donate $10 for a personal song made upon request for your enjoyment.

*Check out the album page for the FAQ's and learn how you can be apart of this project.*

This fan made project is something that is not done by many artist and here I am giving you guys major input in the creative process. If you haven't heard the previous March Madness click here for part I and click here for part 2

The trick for getting this done in a timely manner is locking myself in my studio and avoiding sunlight. Seriously! I do not sleep! lol Probably not a good thing, but I am so inspired. I really love making music and performing. Even recently, performing in my home town at the Theater Deville and opening for Babii Cris at  the Honey Hive Gallery, in the beginning of 2015 is totally epic. Making new fans and reconnecting with current fans is something I enjoy doing. 

If your wondering, what started this series? It was me wanting to find away to engage my fans. I begin to learn that as an artist, it is key to build a healthy relationship with your fans, promoters, and fellow artist. This is what creates a strong support system and a friendship for life. 

Normally, I rant on but this time...I do not want too. I am just to excited about this year. So many good things are coming our way! Yep I said our! You all are not just fans to me, but friends and family! I thank every single person who donates and downloads any project of mine. Also, I want to say thank you for supporting my student Maurice Jones aka the Green Lighter by downloading his debut EP Green Horn. If you haven't heard it yet, click here. I am still working with him and we are plotting out his music videos and ways to continue building him up in school as well as being an artist. 

Welp, that is it for now. Go watch the Submission video Q&A on the home page and learn how you can be apart of March Madness 3. This is going to be a fun project. Thank you all again for your support and I look forward to seeing you at my next shows!

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