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As of today, I can proudly say that I have done 47 shows this year. (/^o^/) Yep!!! The support has also grown as well as the press. So many amazing articles, interviews, fan meet and greets, and rocking the mic where ever people would let me. I am truly grateful for this year. Now, I have to catch up on editing film footage and finishing these features before the new years begins. (@_@)

To my dearest of fans, thank you so much for your countless support via downloads, retweets, comments, likes, and shares. In order for me to continue doing what I do, I need your support to make it happen. The more I grow, the more we grow! 

I am proud to announce that the "Green Horn EP" for Maurice Jones, aka The Green Lighter, is finally finished. This kid truly amazed me with how dedicated he was to learning how to be a better artist at age 13. I can remember me at 13. I was more concerned with video games and Dragon Ball Z. I played bass at that time, but I never thought of recording myself. To mentor him is something that I will always treasure. Why? Because I got to see first hand of what it looks like to see someone flourish into an amazing artist when you help them. I bet that is how my mentors feel when they see me now. I highly encourage you to go and listen to this project. You should see it right at the bottom left hand corner. 

Right now as we speak,  I am sick this christmas...yeah lame! lol Going to hook up my PS3 in my bedroom and game away. So if your on PSN add me SquadKat85. Like I said, 47 shows in one year. You can believe I am sick. I worked myself to the ground to build. Let me share some tips and tricks I have learned from doing all these shows.


Tips & Tricks

1.) Integrity: Be a person of your word.

Look, we know life happens, but if you promise something, do it. Even if it takes longer then you had expected, make sure you finish it before the year is over. You don't won't people to say negative things about you and end up not getting booked for more shows. Also, do not let your friends speak on your behalf. It makes you look non-professional. if you have to cancel anything, handle it yourself unless your on your death bed...then let your mom or lover call in for you. 

2.) Love you Fans

When I started doing Fan Friday, I had no clue it was going to grow into something that people looked forward too. I know I haven't done it in the past two months, but I am going to start it up again. Showing love to your fans is key for success. If you do not show love to them, then why should they download your music or come out to your shows. Remember that you need them. 

3.) Be YOU!!!

This took me a while to understand but now...I love me! As an artist, you can get caught up with comparing yourself to others and not feeling that you are not growing, but once you accept who you are as an artist and love that...your live show and your music will start getting the recognition it deserves. 

4.) Patience is a virtue!

We all want to tour around the world, make a decent living with music, have over 1million views on youtube, but this is not a race but a marathon. If you study marathon runners, they train daily for the big race. And when the race does arrive, it is distance and time not just time. Make sure you handle all of your business and you are ready for the big shows and tours. If you start running with out having everything lined up, you will fizzle out fast or hit rough road block later in your career. Enjoy the ride and have fun. You are going to be doing this for the rest of your life (if this is your career choice.)

5.) Network not Ban Wagon

This is key right here. To many artist get the two mixed up. Network means that you are aiming at exchanging resources via collborating to build your brand and theirs. Ban Wagon means to hop on someone elses Hype and expect them to carry you where ever they go. I have meet way to many people who Ban Wagon and even I have had to cut them off. When you Network with people, do not be all wolf on wall street. Instead, work with people who A.) You see as someone who can help you reach the next level and B.) You actually can work. Be selective with you work with. Not everyone will be a perfect fit and that is okay. This is not hating, it is being smart with your brand association. You can be friends outside of business, but when it comes to business, if your not making someone money or bringing a giant lead to the table, prepare to get cut. This is a lesson that even I had to learn so do not feel bad. 

6.) Plan ahead

I have read countless articles of successful people who are always planning months in advance. From their albums, tours, merch release, to holiday vacations. When you plan ahead, you can see what is coming around the bend and stick to your plans better. But if you are always last minute then you will miss out on golden opportunites. "Fail to plan, plan to fail." 

7.) Think outside of the box

One of the best advice my mentor gave me was do not go where everyone else is. Find places to perform that others dare not too. Why? Because that is where new fans are and possible bigger show leads. I have performed at metal shows, burlesque events, Pride Festivals, Conventions, even outside for strangers and at every show, I got new fans. Do not think that nobody will like your music. If you are good and your music is welcoming, people will naturally gravitate towards it. 


That's it from me on the tips and tricks. If you want more info...pay me! Seriously lol So yeah y'all. This year has been crazy. From music growth, social injustice awareness, to finally doing my first Convention at Snafu Con! Let me just stop and say thank you so much Reno for showing me mad love! I plan on coming back to reno soon! Remember, if you want me in your home town or at your local convention email my manager and let's make it happen. if I did 47 shows this year...I want to aim for 80 shows next year! I also want to travel more out of state as well as out of country. 

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Happy Holidays, and Happy New Years to all of my fans. I love you all! See you all in 2015 and I have shows already set up for next year. Check the Tour dates periodically! Peace!

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