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One Nation Divided by Fear

The issue of Race in America is one that I am sure mostly everyone now wishes was never an issue to begin with. To believe that all men and women are created equal is something that should not need to be questioned, but sadly it is. I dream of a day when a man and a woman can be judge by the content of their character and not the color of their skin. When little black boys and girls can walk to the store and not be harassed by store clerks or profiled by police. When my people will not need to turn to the drug life or robbery so they can feed their families. When my latino brothers and sisters will not be profiled and questioned if they are "citizens" or "anchor babies". When latino workers in the field can receive proper pay and medical benefits for picking the food for our meals. When the Native Americans can finally get the justice they deserve and the proper respect. When my asian brothers and sisters can be treated with respect and not just generalized and stereotyped. When women can no longer be seen as sexual objects and sexually oppressed and seen as strong, independent, and intelligent. When my white friends can no longer have to feel awkward for having friends of color because their family still has irrational views about other ethnicities. When my white friends no longer have to feel that every single white person is a racist. This is the year 2014. We have come so far, but we still have a long way to go. We all have problems that we face and we must work within our communities and together as a nation to help make things better. Make sure you are voting, help mentor someone in your ethnicity to help inspire as well as mentor someone who is outside of your ethnic group to help teach them about your culture, give back whenever you can, stand up for injustice when you see it, and hold your brothers and sisters accountable. We can make 2015 a lot better if we all work together. It is obvious our government does not work for the people, so we the people must work for ourselves. I encourage everyone to learn something about another culture. Learn their history, their struggle, and their success. By you learning more about others, it helps you respect them and yourself. We can no longer be ignorant anymore. #BlackLifeMatters #AllLifeMatters #OneNation

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