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Otaku Tour Part 2 Recap




Hello Everyone,


Ever since the tour ended on Sunday August 31st @ Sac Anime I have been pacing back and forth, staring at my laptop trying to write down everything that has happened to me not just on tour, but these past 8 months. All I can say is, growth. I have grown a lot this year and the year isn’t even over. From traveling up and down California, I am just amazed with how many new fans I now have and you all are awesome. So far, nobody has booed me off stage yet! Lol. This doesn’t mean people didn’t walk away while I was performing, that is natural for some odd reason. People just nod their head to my music but walk away. Why not stay and enjoy the show! Thank you to all that do stay!


Anyways, I meet my goal already in how many fans I want which is 1,000 plus and I performed at 4 festivals this year!


Festivals 2014

Murder Ink- Vacaville, CA

626 Fest- Monrovia, CA

Napa Porch Fest- Napa, CA

OC Pride- Santa Ana, CA


I am truly humbled right now.  All this work is finally paying off and it feels good.  Every artist deals with doubt and depression. Wondering if their hard work will turn into a profitable living. Many times, a lot of artist give up either from lack of growth or because they think nobody is watching and quite right when something big is right around the corner. Music is a business that many artist hate to accept and address. The moment we hear the word “business” we think that we have to “Sell Out!” but that is not the case. I can say during this tour, I learned the importance of being business minded as an artist and how it opens more doors. Here are my 5 most crucial lessons I have learned while touring and performing this year.


5 Important Lessons for Touring


1.)  1.) Plan in advance!

This one is the most slept on lesson. Artist think that they can just contact a promoter the moment they hear a show is going to happen and they will get on the bill. Sorry it doesn’t work that way. Any show or tour is booked at least 2 months in advance. This means if you want to perform in January of 2015 you start booking in October/November. Yep, you have start early. The reason why is for promoting. You got to promote the show and help build a draw. Fans will not come to a show last minute unless you’re a major band or have a hardcore following. So respect their time and yours. You got to build the hype right.


2.)  2.) Stay within your budget!

This means, do shows that you know you have the gas and food money to perform there! Do not book a show in LA with no place to stay or no money for food. Even if you are going to get paid for the show, you should always have money on you in case of an emergency or something happens while touring. If this means you work a seasonal job to earn some extra cash before you hit the road, then do so. Be financial smart while touring!


3.)  3.) Be respectful of the Promoter and the Venue

To many artist think that just because your video went viral and you have 10,000 downloads, that you are God’s gift to man. Sorry you are not! I can say, first hand, that if you respect the promoter when they ask you to show up for sound check, may ask you to cut your set short by 1 song or two, and help promote, odds are they will give you a better time slot and even extend your set a song longer. An example is at a show I did this summer, (Not going to say which show), my manager and I showed up on time for early morning sound check before the main act. This alone shocked the main promoter. They where used to artist coming in an hour late. Since I was the only artist there on time, they had me go up first, gave me a full sound check and timed it to make sure I fit my time slot. I ran a little bit over and they told me that they have to stick to the schedule. I said that is fine and offered to cut a song if necessary. This again surprised them because most artist would demand more time. I finished my sound check and asked them what time should I be here to perform. They said be back 30mins before show time. I came back a hour before show time. Again, they where shocked. 5mins before I go up on stage, the stage director pulls me aside and says,  “Since, you have been so nice go ahead and do you full set.” I got to perform my whole set and I sounded clear on the mic. Once I was done, people came up to me and where highly impressed and wanted CD’s. I ran out of my whole pack of 50 that day. I even made sure that the sound team got a copy. As for the venue, they came up to my manager and told her how happy they where to have us and hope we come back again.


Now don’t get me wrong, there are some crappy promoters and venues, but your job as an artist is to rock the crowd. If you make sure to get a contract from the promoter about the show details, you can handle that afterwards if something was not meet in the agreement, but the show must go on. The venue is opening their doors to you, so treat it like your mom’s house. By you being professional and respectful you will leave a positive impression wherever you go.


4.)  4.) Bring something to give away

It amazes me how a lot of artist do not bring something to give away or even sale to the fans. Here is a great example. I was at a show as a special guest for a friend. A young artist goes up before us and he kills it. Like seriously, my friend and I were impressed! After his set he says thank you everyone, says his artist name muffled (He was cuffing the mic! Rappers do not cuff the mic when you rap!) and then said his name really fast. Before we could talk to him, he left and didn’t leave anything behind for us to remember him by. He missed a golden opportunity. When you get fans, they want something to hold on to remember you by. Having stickers to give away, getting their email for a fan list, or even printing out CD’s (Get a label maker for them! Writing with a sharpie is tacky! I know we all have been there but if you want them to take you series then package it nicely!). Every show I do, I try to make sure I have CD’s, a raffle, or at the very least an email list so my fans can stay connected with me and I can give them something.  Always remember your fans are not obligated to support you. They choose to support you because they like you! The moment you feel entitled for people to like you, is the moment your career will start to take a turn for the worse. Stay connected with your fans and they will stay connected to you.


5.)  5.) Have FUN!

I will never forget what Ben Kenney told, bassist for Incubus and a solo artist, when I meet him last year on his solo tour with Ashley Mendel. He said, “The moment I look around on stage and I see that we are all smiling, that is the moment I know this is a good show.” You got to love what you do! If you do not like performing in front of people, hate talking to fans, hate traveling around the country/world and hate recording…I highly recommend you get a day job or work graveyard shift. To be an artist is a privilege not a right so enjoy every show you do. At the end of the day you are in the Entertainment Business, so your job description is to entertain. I can say my best show was the one I did in Oakland. I didn’t record it (I wish I did now) but I did majority of my performance in the crowd. I even did a story telling time and ask everyone to grab a chair and pull up close while I sat on a chair and rapped a very personal song to them. The reviews I got where amazing. Even my peers hit me up the next day saying that this was the best show they saw me do. Why is that, because I let go of all my fears, by this time, and decided that I was going to enjoy myself. My attitude became my performance and the crowd responded to it. Since then, I make sure that I do everything I can to keep myself up beat and joyful. The audience feeds off you’re energy, so if your scared, they know you’re scared. If you’re excited and ready to rock, they are ready to rock with you! Have fun y’all!


There you go!  There is a lot more other stuff but these 5 points are the main things I saw and learned while doing all these shows this year.


I do have some new music for you all. As you probably saw, I was doing some creative fun writing during the month of August and posting tracks on soundcloud. Well, all those tracks plus some more will be available for download on my new mixtape called #OtakuTour. This mixtape will be available September 17, 2014. The album artwork is going to be done by Fredrick Allison Jr. Illustrator for Scattered Comics and Co-Creator of an amazing new comic book series called Hybrid Earth.


The mixtape is free and I will have it available on Bandcamp and Datpiff. I had the privilege of working with some amazing producers like Jaymison Beverly, JP tha Beatmakr, Depakote, and Phanto Byte. I highly recommend that you pay attention to them because they are producers you do not want to ignore. It was truly an honor to work with such amazing artist that really pushed me creatively. Each song is about a different super hero, villain, and or movie character that has influenced me. So far, I noticed everyone is enjoying the song “Nerd” produced by Phanto Byte. I am glad and keep sharing that song. I want to turn that one into a music video and I do want use footage from all of my fans as well for the hook. If you haven’t heard the song “Nerd” then go to http://www.soundcloud.com/wordsound85 and listen to that track and more.


If you haven’t yet, check the “Press” tab and read my latest interviews. I just did one with a UK magazine called “Twisted Edge Magazine”. This volume is their “Cosplay Edition” and I was featured since I am a “Nerdcore” “Hip Hop” artist. The interview was a lot of fun. I hope this opens up more doors for a possible UK tour for 2015.


We’ll this is it for now. These next four months I will be revamping my press kit, working on my new live stage show, working out, and getting ready to bring back #MYLANE for season 2. We have been working on how to make it better and more professional and this time we got it figured out…kind of. Alright then, I am done talking.




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