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Otaku Tour Part 1

Hello Everyone, 

I am back writing in my journal. LOL. Man these past 7 months seem like a blur and a dream. The growing support and love for me is truly amazing and humbling. It's crazy that something that started as a dream, is now become a reality. I know some people have been doubting my nerd creditentials, which to me is hilarious since all my life I have been called a nerd and a geek. I guess because I do not fit the mold based upon appreance is what weirds a lot of people out. However, after they get to know me and hang around me, they see that I am a nerd all the way threw. Even in my studio, you will find comics, wall scrolls, anime, manga, and rare games that I collect. I am starting to get used to people doubting me. Not that I accept it, however I am learning how to use it as my advantage. 

Anyways, I am rambling now. lol. But the growth is amazing. March Madness II is doing extremly well. Cosplay Girl is becoming a cult classic! Still pissed at Youtube for deleting the original video with all the likes but oh well. I have found a new site to start posting my material up with. I am aiming to have it ready to go by August. I know my podcast show #MYLANE has been quiet this summer. That is because I have been on the road all summer. lol. It is coming back in the Fall and I am proud to say I have some new staff memembers to help make the show better!

I am looking forward to perform at Napa Porch Fest again this year. This is my 2nd timing performing here and at the same stage. LOL. Man, have I grown since then. I am glad to be bringing out my good friend/Dj A.k.Aye to open for me and to have Brandon Green on guitar. This is going to be an awesome epic show! I will be filming this. 

Speaking of that. Man I am so sad that I will not be at Stockton Con this year. Props to those guys. There was a mix up in booking and I got booked for OC PRIDE 2014 on that same day. Make sure you go and support them and take some awesome pics for me while you are all their. Even tag #OtakuTour for me and I will repost! 

Let me take a second and address something that I have been sitting with for awhile. Within Hip Hop there is a strong Homophobia that needs to be dealt with. I know for awhile I was ignorant to the LGBT community until I started to sit down and talk to them about their issues and struggles. I have come to gain a deeper level of respect for the community and begin to see our similar struggles. Now, please understand as a African American Studies Minor there our some areas where we differ lol. But to be generalized and harassed is something that anyone can relate too. Now I know I may lose some fans for what I am about to say but honestly I do not care. As an artist I do not care what you believe, who you love, or where you come from. If you are a fan of my music and accept me for who I am, then I accept you for who you are. I respect anyone who respects me period. And if I have fans that are in the LGBT community and they want me to come and perform, I will!! Why? Because I love my fans! Without you all, there is no Darealwordsound. So with that being said, if you have a problem with me performing at the OC Pride then feel free to burn my music and stop following me. You have that right. But if you agree with my stance, then make sure you come out to the show on August 9th and nerd out with me! The LGBT community also has nerds, gamers, and otaku's. We should never discrminate someone for who they choose to love nor the color of their skin. We are all entitled to our personal beliefs and opinion's but to express your belief's in the form of a hateful act is wrong. And that is to either side of the specturm. We are all human's and we have to learn how to make the best out of this world. 

So I hope you all understand now how I feel about this. Plain and simple I love my fans no matter who they are! (Now for devil worshippers, I love y'all but I am not down with the whole demon son of satan thing. I am cool. lol) 

I am currently working on my next big project "Beyond Bars" as I am blogging. This project is something else. My goal is to bring that musical skill back to Hip Hop/Nerdcore. FYI just because I am not using 8bit sounds doesn't mean I am not Nerdcore and just because I am not talking about whips and chains doesn't mean I am not Hip Hop!! I want this to be a story of both my life and my love of music. There will be some personal songs, some fun songs, and some hardcore nerd out songs on this project. But overall the music will help you understand where I am coming from with the lyrics. My goal is to make this a project you enjoy listening to from start to finish. I am trying to have it finished by the end of this fall so that we can drop it either end of the year or beginning of 2015. this is also including all the music videos I want done with it as well. I am going to do this project right for you guys. 

So yeah, that's it. I am done writing. lol I felt like I poured my heart out. Oh!! As a thank you for hitting 900 likes on facebook, a song I released on soundcloud a while back is now available for free download click here. The track is called "Lose You" ft. Prime Ethic from Florida. This was going to be apart of a mixtape tape I never released last year. I don't know why I didn't but who cares. I know at 1k I am going to be dropping some new music for you all plus do an online show party as a thank you. If you haven't added me on facebook yet then go do it now! Click here!

Love y'all and thank you for rocking with me! You are truly the best fans ever!


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