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Happy Birthday Father's Day and 500 Likes on Facebook Darealwordsound!


May started out crazy but going to Fanimecon made it all better. Then performing with Random aka Mega Ran mad it over 9000. The shows this past month has been amazingly awesome. Chris Elliot's Party was a major success and opening for my friend A.k.aye for his album release at The Honey Hive in San Francisco was off the chain! My live shows are getting better and better. I still got Twigg Festival on June 21st in Vacaville to perform at and 626 Festival in Monorovia, CA with my good friend Forcee The Kid. If you have been wanting to see me live come to the shows! Twigg fest is free and I do have tickets for sale for 626 Fest here online! 

I can honestly say since this year has started, it has been an amazing ride. Today I reached a goal I set at the beginning of the year was to hit 500 likes on facebook by my summer and then 1000 plus by the end of this year. The reason why is because my goal is to start doing major tours by the middle to end of 2015 and the only way possible is by building a strong fan base which is you guys! The personal emails, comments, text, and feedback is helping me become a better artist for all of you. I truly do appreciate all the love as well as criticism. Seriously. For example, Cosplay Girl music video is up online and I received 2 dislikes. I know it's not a lot, but to an artist we really strive to make music that you will enjoy (I know I do) And when you guys don't like it some artist say your just haters...we'll I know I do have my fair share of haters, however, If something is not working then i need to adjust it and make it better. Your honesty helps me to always remain an honest humble artist. 

Since Today is my birthday I am dropping a single for you guys that I did on HitRecord.org called "Mr. Henry Adam Wood's Secret Rapping Club". This is more of a theme track, but the idea came out better then I even hoped for. You can listen to the track and download it here. I plan on dropping more singles for you guys through out the summer leading up to the recording time of Beyond Bars my big debut album. If you want to check out some of my old music click here and for Raw & Uncut my last big mixtape click here. 

I remember thinking last year that I hope to one day be doing festivals, working with artist I admire and now to see it start to blossom is truly amazing. I am enjoying every single day of this and talking to you all makes it even better. I just recently linked up with a fan of mine who is Lp (Little People) who also runs a dope podcast every friday night called Green Star Radio click here to check it out.  He wants me to be a guest on his show! WOOT!! He interviews very successful Lp's and other artist. I listened to their show this past friday and I was cracking up. Seriously it reminds me of Love Line with Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla. I am looking forward to this interview and I will make sure to post the exact date of the broadcast for you all. 

So yeah, I do not want to talk for too long but man June is awesome! So many things happend this past year and I look forward to so many more great times with you all! Make sure your checking the tour dates to know where I am popping up next. I will talk to you all soon and feel free to shoot me an email @ Darealwordsound@gmail.com also add me on Facebook. I hope you all have a great Father's Day and tell your dad or male remodel that you love them. I know I love  my pops and he is my biggest fan. Peace out y'all!!

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