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Darealwordsound (DAH-REAL-WORD-SOUND) 

Following the release of #OtakuTour back in 2015, Darealwordsound has toured up and down the West Coast Region leaving a trail of ecstatic fan’s from Washington to Texas who know him best as “The Rap Nerd” or come up to him after a show shouting “Ka-meh-ha-me-ha!”.

Darealwordsound (Da-Real-Word-Sound), born Elwin G. Williams III, is from Vacaville, CA. He is known for his eccentric flow, hardcore nerdcore beats, and his big heart. Darealwordsound is passionate and dedicated toward empowering and encouraging youth through his work as a Senior Instructor with Today’s Future Sound, an organization that teaches youth all across the Bay Area ( Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, & San Jose) and globally the art of beatmaking and uses hip-hop therapeutic methods to teach youth life skills and reinforce core learning standards (Math, Science, Music Theory, and Community Building). Darealwordsound and San Francisco hip-hop artist Forcee the Kid started a non-profit artist showcase “Word’s for the Kids” to raise awareness and funds for Foster Youth, which has raised over $700 in the past 2 years for Contra Costa Independent Living Skills Program.

As of 2017 Darealwordsound has opened up for industry and hip-hop legends such as: Del The Funky Homosapien (Hieroglyphics), The Artifacts, Chino XL, Lucky I-Am (Living Legends), Mega Ran aka Random, Richie Branson, Noa James, Reverie, Slightly Stoopid, Mr. Lif, Def-I, and Team Back Viral sensations Jeff Turner, Alien Family and Charlie Muscle.

Festivals are not foreign to Darealwordsound. He has performed on several stages across the west coast and is ready to conquer more. He performed and hosted his own stage for five years at Napa Porchfest, performed and hosted a stage Santa Cruz Hip Hop Festival 2016, and has performed at the Santa Cruz Garden Festival 2016, East Lake Festival 2016, SXSW 2016, Vans Warp Tour 2016, and OC Pride Festival 2015.

Darealwordsound also strikes a major chord amongst nerds with his “Hardcore Boom Bap” style mixed with fandom lyrics. He has performed at conventions such as; Stockton Con, NewCon PDX, Big Valley Con, SNAFU Con, Kraken Con, Sac-Anime, Chico Con, Modesto Con,  and Sacramento Inter-Galactic Con. Darealwordsound received notable press coverage with  Janet Varney, voice actress for Legend of Korra and host of the JV Club broadcasted by the Nerdist, which is one of the largest “geek” fandom blog sites in North America.

Right now, Darealwordsound is currently working on his next album called “Rise of the Rap Nerd” in which he is aiming to have ready for release by Fall 2017. He is currently touring  the west coast on The Survival Rap Training. Throughout this tour, Darealwordsound is sharing tips with his fans and supporters as he journeys on the road. You can find out where he is performing next by going to his website www.Darealwordsound.com

People are left in shock and awe when they see Darealwordsound perform. New fans always say, “I never liked Rap until I saw you smiling and rocking the crowd.” Join the Rap Nerd Revolution with Darealwordsound and bring him to your next festival, convention, showcase, or even birthday party. He is an Emcee, Producer, DJ, Beatmaking Instructor, and Community youth activist...he is the Hip Hop Super Hero needed in our lives.
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